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It is the policy of DATA MAIL SOLUTIONS LTD to maintain an Environmental system designed to meet the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 (or any other standard in line with the Annex SL Structure) in pursuit of its primary objectives, the purpose and the context of the company.

It is also our policy, (in addition to the commitments within 1.3 (a) above) to:

➢ comply with all legal requirements, codes of practice and all other requirements applicable to our activities; including the nature, scale and environmental impacts of its activities, products and services

➢ the reduction of hazards, prevention of injury, ill health; protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution, sustainable resource use, climate change mitigation and adaption, the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems and any other specific commitments which are relevant to the context of DATA MAIL SOLUTIONS LTD ;

➢ ensure that all employees are made aware of their individual obligations in respect of this Environmental policy; 


This Environmental policy provides a framework for setting, monitoring, reviewing and achieving our objectives, programmes and targets. Customer service is also an essential part of the Environmental process and to ensure this is fulfilled, all employees receive training to ensure awareness and
understanding of Environment and its impact on customer service in which we provide.

To ensure DATA MAIL SOLUTIONS LTD maintains its awareness for continuous improvement, the quality system is regularly reviewed by “Top Management” to ensure it remains appropriate and suitable to our business. Both the Quality and Environmental Systems are also subject to both internal and external
annual audits.


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