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Data Mail Solutions Ltd are a print and direct mail agency designing, producing and delivering direct marketing campaigns. We work with our clients to identify the right marketing mix to meet their objectives by providing fully integrated marketing communications campaigns from direct mail, transactional services, email and DMS, utilising every marketing technique and channel available to us to exceed our clients' expectations.

High-end digital and lithographic presses mean we are able to cover an almost limitless diversity of work (see Our Services)


News & Updates

Cyber Essentials certification.


DMS is proud to announce that it has achieved Cyber Essentials certification, demonstrating its commitment to cybersecurity best practices and the protection of sensitive data.
Cyber Essentials is a UK government-backed scheme designed to help organisations protect themselves against common cyber threats. By obtaining this certification, DMS has demonstrated its dedication to ensuring the security of its systems and safeguarding the information of its clients and stakeholders.
We are thrilled to have achieved Cyber Essentials certific
ation. This milestone underscores our ongoing efforts to prioritise cybersecurity and implement robust measures to mitigate potential risks. It reflects our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security and protecting the trust our clients place in us.
The Cyber Essentials certification provides assurance to our clients and partners that we take cybersecurity seriously and has implemented fundamental security controls to defend against a range of cyber threats, including malware, phishing, and hacking.
DMS remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity practices and will continue to invest in technologies and strategies to enhance its security posture.

DMS are proud to have been successful in our Cyber Essentials certification as it shows our dedication to safeguarding data, enhances trust with our clients and mitigates potential cyber threats. Having Cyber Essentials certification is beneficial for several reasons:

🔐 Enhanced Security - implementing the Cyber Essentials controls helps protect our clients data from common cyber threats.

✳ Reduced Risk - by following the Cyber Essentials guidelines we reduce the likelihood of experiencing a cyber incident or data breach, ensuring the protection of our clients data.

📛 Reputation - Being certified demonstrates our commitment to cybersecurity best practices.

✔ Compliant - Cyber Essentials certification ensures compliance with certain industry regulations or contractual obligations, ensuring we meet legal and regulatory requirements.


DMS remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity practices and will continue to invest in technologies and strategies to enhance its security posture.

Data Mail Solutions Ltd are delighted to announce the arrival of two high-end Canon Inkjet machines, the varioPrint i300 which has successfully been installed and currently producing amazing results, and the very impressive varioPrint iX3200, which is now installed, running, and showing fantastic results!

This will increase our capacity and diversity in the print and mailing market.

the Canon varioPRINT iX3200_tcm14-203893

Canon varioPrint iX3200


Canon varioPrint i300

Installation of iX3200 is now complete.

See following video of assembly and running of machine

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Welcome to Data Mail Solutions Ltd

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About Data Mail Solutions

Campaign Management and Consultancy

We work with you across the multiple marketing channels to increase your direct marketing results. For successful direct mail solutions, you need to get all the elements right. Our team of experienced account managers offer advice from concept to pack design, to size, postage options and response solutions. They look at the solution that best fits your requirements and with all the tools in house, will make sure you are provided with the best solution.

Design & Creative

Our highly professional and experienced team work across a wide range of industries including financial, utility, public sector, charity, events, retail & agencies.

Our team are the very embodiment of modern design methodology: passionate about creativity yet totally focussed on achieving your commercial objectives and only happy that we’ve done our job when your business or products are a successful.

Data Management and Document Composition

Cleaning, tidying, processing your data is imperative to the success of your campaign. A direct mail campaign that is personally addressed significantly increases customer engagement and conversion.

We can make each of your printed pieces bespoke, with variable, high speed digital or inkjet personalisation throughout. Our direct mail solutions include personalising and tailoring images to fit your audience, alongside bespoke programs built to deliver 100% personalised direct mail to large volume databases, making sure your message is relevant to the individual whilst being able to take advantage of volume related postal discounts.

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What Can We Do?

Direct Mail

Direct Mail remains one of the most powerful marketing tools. By adding direct mail to your marketing mix you can reach more customers. Direct Mail is personal and can deliver tailored messages to your target audience. Direct Mail is tangible and stands out from all the digital noise out there, it has even has the power to drive a digital response from 70% of customers and in a world where there is so much noise, you need something that stands out. And most importantly, Direct Mail is trusted. The GDPR has forced businesses to rethink their communications strategy.

Partially Addressed Mail

Partially Addressed Mail is a powerful way to reach potential customers without requiring their personal data. It is a highly targeted acquisition tool, allowing you to target at full postcode level, typically around 15 households. The idea behind Partially Addressed Mail is to use existing contact data to identify a geo-demographic profile of existing customer households, then use this profile to send a non-personalised mailing to the remaining households within the same area.

Door Drops

Whether you are a local authority, charitable organisation or consumer-focused business, a door drop can be an extremely effective and impactful method of reaching and communicating with your target audience – which is why some 80% of the UK’s top advertisers use the medium. Door drop campaigns make an immediate impression, generate rapid and measurable response and build positive brand perception over the long term. The flexibility of door drop marketing allows for activity to be targeted as accurately as a single street, or as broadly as every UK address. It is a proven medium which works as part of integrated broadcast media campaigns, part of the offline mix which often helps to drive online response.

Transactional Mail

We provide high-quality, secure personalisation solutions for the production of both mono and full colour transactional Mail. Our mono lasering and full colour digital capability provides clients with a variety of printing solutions to cater for all mailings. Our heavy investment in both toner and ink print solutions allows clients to benefit from a whitepaper solution.

Hybrid Mail

We have the ability to fully integrate our mailing services within digital communication techniques to create a hybrid mail solution. Our ability to integrate these into a more complex communications Workflow is where we really excel and can genuinely make a significant difference to your bottom line.

Web to Print

We offer a full featured web to print service with custom branding. We can store your artwork and you can order on line as and when, great for companies with offices all over the UK to ensure brand consistency.


From business stationery to marketing material, our 10 colour Speedmaster makes sure your marketing message is on brand. We always ensure we look at the best way to produce your print, making sure you get the most out of a sheet, saving you money and also the environment.

Continuous Printing  

We produce all types of continuous stationery including invoices, delivery notes, statements, letterheads, compliment slips, application forms and various transactional and multi-part forms. We can print up to 8 colours in a large range of sizes and finishing styles.

Wide Format

We can produce both rigid and roll based products on a range of media including papers, vinyls, and textiles. We can also print full colour and white, or a high gloss clear ink finish in a single pass onto any media.

One Piece Mailers

One-piece mailers are a way of getting the visual appearance of your mail without using poly or envelopes. By personalising base stock, folding and gluing /tabbing the item together you can send a quick easy yet engaging mail piece to your target audience with ease.


Data Mail Solutions can produce a variety of integrated labels, cards and piggy back labels, for use as membership cards, delivery/packing notes and specialist applications.

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Mail Inserting Machines

Watch one of our mail inserting machines, running at 12,000 insertions per hour.

These machines are capable of inserting letters and 4 separate inserts into envelopes, with

barcode cameras checking for mis-feeds or missed items.


Business Continuity & Certifications

Business Continuity

We ensure operations and core business functions are not severely impacted by a disaster or unplanned incident. Our site in West Sussex has backup facilities, and with a UK based critical recovery site, we ensure we have full business continuity in place to ensure critical work is processed on time.


Not all certificates are equal. You need to make sure your certificate is from a certification body that has been audited by the government-recognised United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

A UKAS certification body undergoes regular, rigorous inspections to check we are operating to the highest standards.


DMS are ISO 27001, 9001, 14001 certified, FSC  & PEFC

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Privacy Policy

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Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 18:00

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